JRS Risk Services, LLC
The best broker you've never heard of...
We cannot say it often enough: we're the best broker you've never heard of. Although we may be new to you, we're not new to helping customers acquire the insurance, risk finance and risk management solutions perfect for their specific circumstances.

However, as often as we might say that, you will only come to truly believe that once you have experienced our service to you, our valued customer. Others may say you are #1, but bottom line - it's their bottom line they have in mind, not yours.

It is our pleasure - and our passion - to serve you. Whatever your need, we have the knowledge, expertise and scope to partner with you in creating and managing the perfect solution.

JRS Risk Services

Experience. Reach. Knowledge. Relationships. Passion. Collaboration. Doing things the right way. Understanding our clients' businesses. Earning their trust. This is how JRS operates...partnering old-fashioned work ethic and values with modern risk management techniques for the benefit of our clients.

JRS has the command of resources, networks, scope, expertise and knowledge to put together insurance and risk finance programs from the simple to the complex based on client needs and desires. Our clients are our passion and solving their problems is our desire.

JRS clients recognize that our approach to business is unique today. And we even have framed broker of record letters on napkins to prove it.

Long ago during the days prior to email and mobile phones, it was common for an insurance broker and a prospective client to have long lunches where they developed their relationship. When a decision was made by the prospective client to name the insurance broker as the "Broker of Record", often a cocktail napkin was the only paper they had on hand to formalize their brokerage relationship.

It's been a number of years since a "napkin broker of record" was commonplace, but some of our clients have insisted on signing a Broker of Record letter on a napkin as a symbol of the values JRS utilizes in conducting business.

We keep our all our broker of record letters, including those on a napkin, proudly framed and hanging nearby to forever remind us of our mission - to deliver risk management, insurance and risk finance solutions that protect and enhance our client's business.

We hope you will decide that we are the brokerage firm for you. We want to earn your napkin for our wall.