JRS Risk Services, LLC
Meet the Principals
James J. Benedict
Managing Director
Jim Benedict has worked for large multi-national insurance brokerage firms for 20+ years, placing casualty and property coverage for domestic and international clients both large and small.
Harry B. Rowell, III
Beau Rowell has worked for 20+ years for an insurance company, as a broker for large multi-national insurance brokerage firms and as risk manager for a large global technology firm. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a major in Risk Management & Insurance.


It's the runner in front of the pack, with everyone else left behind. It's creating new solutions to solve problems that others say can't be solved. It's being the one speaking and to whom everyone is listening.

The passion, reach, knowledge, experience and delivery capability we bring to the equation make us unique. We are second to none. We hold to old-fashioned values and fight for you like there's no tomorrow - concepts others often no longer understand and don't care about.

As a privately held firm, our focus and passion is you, our client. Our mission is to solve problems for our customers. We are not concerned about our own mergers, acquisitions and paying shareholders. We work for you. You come first! We answer your questions and present to you the advantages and disadvantages of options to solve your problems.

JRS values our client relationships above all else. We ask that you put us to the test! How or what can we do to help you?