JRS Risk Services, LLC
  JRS has shown expertise in all aspects of insurance. They approached our unique situation with creative and analytical thinking, obtaining incredible savings, and substantially upgrading our coverage. I am so pleased with their performance that I was moved to share my confidence in JRS. 
A.Z., hired JRS in 2009


Insurance is a risk management tool - but not the only one. By using various methodologies and tools, which may or may not include insurance - we devise the proper risk management structure, including the insurance program. Every need is different; therefore, each program and policy is unique.

Customers like the results of our approach. Not only do they receive a product which is custom-designed for their firm and theirs alone, but the service they receive is unlike any other. And it makes a difference.

We are sharing a small selection of the comments which we have received. When we meet with you, we will share more detailed information about our satisfied customers, and will invite you to contact any of them. Nothing would please us more than to add your firm to our list of satisfied customers!